Zombie Beauty Pageant

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5 Minutes of Fear

Are you a magician with a cell phone camera?
Have mad skills at directing?
Do scenes in your head scream to be released?
Can you scare us in 5 Minutes?
In 2 lines?

Films will be judged by a panel of Monstercon Guests and the NDG crew.

This is a fun event for all ages, the aim is in that little time to scar us for life!

Films will be shown during Monstercon all day for the public to see, it must be Family friendly.

Films must be no longer than 5 minutes in length. This includes credits. Films must be submitted and received by Wednesday August 23, 2014 and will be shown all day Sept 8th. Prizes will be awarded at 5PM. Be scary everybody and have fun!!

There is a 20.00 Entry fee, a portion of proceeds will be donated to charity

Special Guests

Joe Lozano Angelita Billy Blair Elektra Knight Osvaldo Fernandez Matt Frank Parrish Randall


4522 Fredericksburg Rd Suite F2
San Antonio, Texas 78201



Zombie Beauty Pageant
Costume Contest


Costume Contest



Vendor Info

Exact locations within the vendor rooms are on a first paid, first served basis.

Vendors are allowed to bring their own backdrop. However, these items must be below 8 feet in height and must not interfere with adjoining vendors. Vendors are responsible for any extension cords or other necessary supplies needed to get electricity to your table very limited electric is available.

Vendors are solely responsible for the actions of their workers, volunteers, etc. and NDG will not be held accountable.

Vendors are responsible for charging Texas state sales tax and reporting sales to the State of Texas. NDG will not be held responsible for vendor failure to collect, report, and submit sales tax charges.

Vendors are not allowed to share space. Each vendor must pay for his or her own space.

NDG does not endorse any vendors or exhibitors beliefs, actions, views, merchandise or exhibits. Vendors are their own business entity and do not represent NDG.

No graphic nudity, pornographic material, drug paraphernalia, bootleg merchandise of any kind will be permitted.

Vendors are accountable for any legal action taken against them or their workers, volunteers or etc.

Vendor spaces must be manned at all times. NDG will not be held responsible for loss or damage to vendor property.

All vendors acknowledge that NDG, its employees, workers and volunteers will not provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors persons or property and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering such loss. Any damage or injury to persons or property caused by any vendor or their workers, employees or volunteers will be the sole liability of the vendor. NDG will not be held responsible in any way.

Any props, pipe and drape, signs, merchandise racks or other free standing equipment must be contained within the vendors purchased space and must not block other vendor space or exits as deemed necessary by the MALL and NDG staff.

Vendor purchases are not refundable for any reason. Should you not be able to attend it is your responsibility to fill the space and notify NDG of the changes. You may sell your space to another vendor if unable to attend.

Vendor space is limited and is not guaranteed until payment is made.

Dealers are not allowed to mount anything on the walls. Vendors must bring their own pipe and drape if they have anything they want to display behind their table.

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